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About Hell

Hell Incorporated(tm) is the official corporate presence of Hell. 

Hell is the place where those whose souls have been Damned go to be tormented for Eternity.

Hell Incorporated is a legal corporate entity, registered in the State of Wyoming.  Hell Incorporated is engaged in the business of trading in souls, online retail novelty sales, licensed apparel and merchandise, entrepreneurial business ventures, and of providing affordable housing for the Damned.  Hell Incorporated also supports the arts, music, literature, and Hell firmly believes in education.  Like all legal corporations, Hell Incorporated is owned by its shareholders.

Hell Incorporated operates on earth as a for-profit business corporation.. 

Hell Incorporated is on Facebook: Hell Incorporated on Facebook:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Are you the Devil or Satan?     No.  We are a corporate entity.  Hell was founded on March 15th, 6441 B.C.E., after the War In Heaven, in order to provide affordable housing for the Damned.  The official title of our CEO is "Dark Lord of Hell".  Some say this makes Him the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer.  Hell cannot confirm or deny that is the case.

2.  What do you do, exactly?    Hell Incorporated(tm) is the official corporate entity of Hell.  As a for-profit corporation, Hell Incorporated(tm) is here on Earth, and on the Web, to serve your needs.  We will give you Infernal news, and traffic and weather reports related to Hell.  We also will have for sale the latest from our selection of official Hell Incorporated(tm) merchandise and apparel, in addition to other retail items such as shares of Hell Incorporated(tm) corporate stock, reservations in Hell, and other excellent and useful items and services for which you will have no genuine need.  Hell Incorporated(tm) supports the arts and features many artists throughout this website.  Did we mention we also provide affordable housing for the Damned?

3.  Do you endorse evil?    We do not endorse evil, evil acts, criminal acts.  What ever you do is on you.  In fact, since it's getting rather crowded down here in Hell, we'd rather you refrain from such evil behavior and we will direct you to proper religious websites and products.  If you do evil acts, consider us duty-bound to assist authorities in apprehending and prosecuting you, and then we'll go further and burn you for Eternity in Hell, if applicable.

4.  Is Hell a nice place to live?    No.  Hell is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live here.

5.  Is Hell Incorporated a religious site?   No.  It is a business.

6.  Is the road to Hell paved with good intentions?    No.  The road to Hell is paved with the misdeeds of the Damned.

7.  I was told to "go to Hell" today, what should I do about it?    You should kindly thank the person who said that for directing you to our site.

8.  Do you claim to have any unearthly authority as to who actually goes to Hell?    We do not control who goes to Hell.  In fact, that is more under YOUR control than ours.  Think about it.  But we do have unearthly authority to torment you in Hell, should you wind up here.

9.  Can Hell Incorporated make an offer to me to sell my soul to the Devil?    We will give an estimate in the currency of your choice for the approximate dollar value of your soul based on current market conditions, but it's just that, an estimate.  However, if you happen to actually sell your soul to any particular negative spiritual entities, that is your own business.  Our only role would be to subsequently torment you for Eternity once you arrived at our door.  So.  Read the small print.

10.  Is Hell real?   Hell Incorporated is real.

11.   What if I don't believe in Hell?    That's fine.  We won't turn you away for that reason.

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